My MAC Archie's Girls Haul


I know a lot of bloggers have posted about this collection already, but I want to share the goodies I have ordered with you!

It's been a long time since I have been interrested in a MAC collection. I think the last one that got my attention was the Ice Parade Collection for the holidays in 2011. Well, that's the last time I have bought MAC products before this order.

Being a rural girl now (it's temporary, as my heart belongs to big cities), I don't have a MAC counter anywhere near me :( So I had to rely on online order to get my share of this collection. I first wanted to get the Betty Bright lipstick and the Cream Soda blush, but they were sold out when I logged on. So I browsed the remainings. Yes, that is how badly I wanted something from the collection! See, I have grown up with Archie and his friends; I have been reading their "adventures" since I'm 5. Call me a baby if you like, my Dad already told me so: I don't mind!
Betty's Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick, sheerer than it seems, which is a good thing!

The only lipstick that I was seeing myself wearing was Betty's Oh, Oh, oh. Which actually comes from another past limited edition. I kinda hate when they do that, it's like Elton John recycling his Candle in the Wind song for Lady Di instead of writing another one especially for her... But anyway! After looking at a few swatches online,  I thought it was pretty, just a hint of a dusty pink. Not at all brown like it is in the bullet!

Liglasses: Veronica's Strawberry Malt and Betty's Stay sweet

For the lipglasses, I got Strawberry Malt and Stay Sweet. I'm a little disapointed in Strawberry Malt, as the swateches I have seen before ordering led me to believe that it was slightly more purple/pink thant it is. It's actually a bright red, nothing too exciting. Pretty but meh. Stay Sweet is pretty much like I have seen online, a blueish pink.

Caramel Sundae Palette
I was hesitating to put the Caramel Sundae in my palette, as it is quite pricy. But then I thought: Oh well, it's Valentine's Day and I deserve the best! In it went!

I have passed my order on Friday and received it on the next Friday. Not too bad. It's my first time ordering from MAC, as I usually go to the counter if I want anything! They have a flat rate shipping fee of CAD$7.50, or free shipping with any order over $65. My parcel arrived in a pristine shape, I have nothing bad to say except that the box could be smaller. For my 4 items, the box was bigger than a dictionnary!
Free pin
I also received a free pin because I spent too much more than $90 on my order. My dad told me I should pin it on my tuque. I would do it if I had a plain one, but mine either have a panda or stripes on it :P
I'm a pretty bunny with this order, I might order more from MAC but I have to say I'd prefer to see the products before hand! This means I need to move back to London ASAP!

Have you order anythign from MAC before? Have you got anything from the Archie's Girls collection? Or do you read Archie's comics? Do share with me!

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  1. ooh great haul! I had to chuckle at your Elton John reference, I've always thought that too about that song.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I just think Lady Di deserves better than a recycled song! Bless her.

  2. Ahhh j'adore Archie, j'ai encore quelques unes de leurs BD, je ne veux pas m'en débarasser, et je suis encore tentée d'en acheter quand j'en vois au magasin ahahah! Je ne suis pas trop fan du packaging par contre, mais bon! J'haïs ça quand ils "recyclent" une teinte ou un produit d'une autre collection, c'est cave!

    1. Moi aussi j'ai encore mes bd! D'ailleurs j'en ai trouvé 3 au marché aux puces samedi passé! Blanc ça fait cheap un peu, non?


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