My Perfume Collection Part 2: Minis


l-r: Euphoria Calvin Klein, Givenchy Ange ou demon le secret, Lise Watier Désirable, Escada Tropical Punch, Tous H2O, Versace Vanitas, Cacharel Noa, Cacharel Anais Anais, Perles de Lalique

Here is part 2 of my Perfume Collection that I promised last week!

There is something about minis that gets me all excited. I'm not sure why... Many beauty bloggers complain about getting perfumes in their beauty subscription boxes, but if they are minis I don't mind! Because they are pretty I guess!

Euphoria Calvin Klein: I receive this mini in my Loose Button Lux Box back in December. As far as mini goes, this is a generous 15 ml size! Gosh I just made a mess trying to open it... (It has a spritzing nozzle, but somehow, I opened it too rapidly and it came off and now I smell Euphoria!) Well the scent... is quite euphoric now? It's quite on the heady side, which is not my favourites but I like once it a while, preferably in the winter.

Givenchy Ange ou demon le secret: This one is light and fresh. It came from a mini set I bought at Boots last year after Christmas. Not much to say about it.

Lise Watier Désirable: I first discovered this one through a vial sample I received in a Quebec City mall. Then all my friends at college had it. It is a nice fruity scent, one for younger woman/teenagers. I asked for the set two Christmases ago. I like how it smells like ripe berries (I'd say raspebrries!)

Escada Tropical Punch: These are limited edition eache year, but a few years ago I bought a pack of the minis from the past years. I used to love Tropical Punch, my favourite of the Escada perfumes. Now I kinda think it is too sweet for my liking. Maybe I'm growing up?

Tous H2O: Another bottle from the set I bought in Boots. It smells fresh.

Versace Vanitas: I received this in the Harrods Glossybox and so glad I did! To me, this scent brings back memories of a perfume I sued to have as a kid. The Pretty Barbie one! I was in love with this Pretty Barbie perfume when I was around 5 but then one day during Spring Clean, my dad threw it away and I wept for it ever since. Sometimes I would smell an elusive whiff of it in a crowd but cannot find something similar. Bref, this Versace Vanitas is the most similar to it and I hold on for dear life, my dad won't threw it away this time! No way!

Cacharel Noa: I don't know why but I keep thinking this is from Lancôme. Yep, it comes from the Boots set. To be honest, I only bought it because it was reduced to £5 and it contains those minis, which I collect. But I did discover Ghost, which I loved!

Cacharel Anais Anais: This reminds me of my granny from my dad's side. She was not wearing this per se, but she did have Pivoine by Yves Rocher, and I think they are pretty much similar. This is a classic fragrance and I wouldn't call this modern in any way, as it is floral.

Perles de Lalique: I received this in my first Glossybox. I really like the bottle, but the perfume is not for me. It's too "madame" and musky for my liking. Too heady.

Now, I have to go wash my hands from this smelly mess lol!

Have you made any fragrant discoveries lately? Do you like receving perfumes in beauty boxes?

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