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Cute gobelet found last weekend, rose gold bracelet bought on eBay from this seller

I have to say that I'm super excited for tomorrow and have been since Wednesday! The thing is that our local Charity shop is having a huge sale, being that you can fill a garbage bag (new and clean pheww!) with everything in store for only $5. The sale started last week but didn't have enough to fill a bag, so I opted for the 50% my three items.

But tomorrow I am going with my friend Nancy during our lunch hour. So if I don't have enough things, I'll pair with her to fill a bag. Even if it's not totally full, it should be worth it, for $2.50 each. Since I am working all day this Saturday, I will not be able to do the whole run of charity shops like last week :(

Anyway, to keep me in the mood for tomorrow, here are a few things I got from last week's hunt, along with a few drugstore clearance items! (The hunt being the 3 charity shops around the neigbouring parishes that are open on Saturday).

A copper-like tissue box

Holidays Tealight Holder

Leather and Suede jackets, Metallic scarf and wool cardigan

Napkin Holder, I will use it to hold my makeup pallettes!

Details of the napkin holder

Disco Pink, Andie's Rose Carmine and Satin Sheets             

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss and Coral Crush
I also went to the drugstore, and they had a lot of stuff on clearance. That's the advantage of a small drugstore; when the new season is coming, they have to clear out so they have space for the new collections!

I got 2 lippies, Maybelline Color Sensational in 810 Disco Pink ($0,99 instead of $9,59) and L'Oréal Colour Riche in 203 Andie's Carmine, again $0,99 instead of $9,99.

I finally jumped on the Baby Lips bandwagon. Wel,, at $2,99 for two, I couldn't pass it, as it was cheaper than one at regular price! I got Peach Kiss and Coral Crush (I think this one was a limited edition colour).

I also picked up a L'Oréal Nail Colour in 230 Satin Sheets for $0,69 (regular $6,99) as I have a few of these and like them.

With prices better than the Dollar Store, what's not to love?! I also went back the other day and picked up a mascara.

Have you picke up any good deals lately? Please share!

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  1. QUOI? Des Baby Lips à 3$????? Chaque fois que je les vois, il sont à 4$ et ne baissent jamais!

    J'adore tout ce que tu as déniché. Surtout la boîte de mouchoirs! :)

    1. Ah ben oui, c'est pour ça que j'ai sauté dessus!
      Merci, j'adore faire des trouvailles!

  2. I love the idea of the napkin holder to hold your palettes! Gotta love a bargain :)

  3. Pas mal le fun les réductions!

    Tu as fait de belles trouvailles, faut quemtu nous montre comment tumte servira du truc a napkins, je suis curieuse, en tout cas bonne idée!
    Pas mal le fun la glissade au PO je savais pas e + la patinoire, super!

    1. Oui, faudrait que j'mette ca en photo! Ca en contient pas beaucoup, 2-3 selon les palettes, mais bon cest plus beau que les rangements à CD que certaines utilisent! ;)

  4. Did you like the baby lips?? I have tried it, and didn't get a good result. Wondering if it's just the color I purchased though!


    1. So far so good! I must admit that I don't really have bad, chapped lips, so for me it's just a question of keeping the moisture in!


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