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Long time no blogged about guys! I didn't have much to say. Even though the story I'm going to share dates from about a month ago or so, I was just thinking about it, because of other things I might be talking about in a near future. Maybe. We shall see. Yes, I'm a tease ;)

My friends at work are always trying to match me to the young fellows that enter the store. I guess it's their way of thinking that if I meet a suitor, I will stay with them in the village and not go back to London. They have no clue why I'm single... Oh yes, the question! Well, there is a thing called high standards and expectations. I don't see myself as an annoyingly fussy girl. But they do.

And clearly their standards (or taste) are not like mine. Sometimes (well ok most of the times), it's quite insulting. You should see the guys that they pointed me. God! Some were total losers. Come on! I'm not desperate. I'm not one of those girls (or guys, because I know one) that are just always thinking of being in a relationship.

For me, being in a relationship is about being with a person I admire. In a physical and mental way. Yes, you could say I'm shallow. Looks are important for me. They are important for everyone, if you are honest with yourself. Would you go out with someone that disgusts you?

I am repulsed by most guys wearing baseball caps. First you would think it's a superficial thing. It's not. If a guy isn't sporty but wears baseball caps, it tells me something about them I don't like. It's wrong. If your my friend Nancy, you would say, you can always take the baseball cap off. Yes you can, but then the type of guy is still the same.

So I'm sticking to my guns. I know my worth and I would just be miserable with a guy I know is not my type. Don't get me wrong. I go past my comfort zone, and go with the wait and see approach. You never know. But some things you can tell at first sight...

I can across this saying while browsing the Web. It sums up what I think. I refuse to go for just ok. I refuse mediocrity.

In the mean time, I have to go because my man Tony is waiting for me!

Please do share your opinons on setting standards and if you ever compromise on them.

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  1. Ahahahah... je sais pas trop quoi te dire parce que après avoir été 6 ans en couple, je n'ai jamais réfléchi à mes standards... je n'ai pas vraiment d'idéal ni de genre précis, malgré que les casquettes, j'aime ça moi ahahah =P

    1. J'te comprend Gaby! Ca fait drole de se trouver célibataire apres tout se temps (9 ans) et devoir faire de nouveau compromis sur ce que l'on cherche. Qu'est-ce qui est non-negotiable, ce qui l'est, etc!


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