Spring Cleaning: Decluttering the Closet


After decluttering :)

It has been a quiet day today. Besides the usual (the charity shops tour), I decided to tackle my closet. To say that I have been procrastinating over this project is an understatement.

Before: Yep, I'm guilty of shoving everything in the closet!

Reading articles about getting habits to be a go-getter (which is my new goal), one of the thing that struck me is that being a perfectionnist can inhibit the go getter in me. In the sense that sometimes we push aside the tasks that seems daunting, just because we want them to be perfect. But, a go getter will just do it, and then, when you are already in your stride, you find the task easier.

I even found things that I had lost. Hello, Escada perfumes! :)

The other thing that pushed me to do it today is that yesterday I bought this bookshelf, for less than 25$. We have a clearance on furniture at work, and it seemed to be the way to go. I wasn't keen on the boookshelf being brown at first, but I like it. Especially with the paper fan I put on top of it!

Putting a bookshelf in the closet gives it a walk-in feeling, which I love. It's elegant. I can put some decor element and make vignettes. (Even though I already consider my closet a walk-in as it has a light inside).

Have you tackled a big task this week? Have you started your Spring Cleaning?

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  1. J'adore, c'est très beau! Je suis tellement due pour faire le ménage de mon garde-robe, c'est le bordel total depuis que je suis emménagée en juillet dernier.

    1. Merci! Fais-le, tu vas voir que ca fait du bien!

    2. Ça, j'en suis certaine! J'ai même une envie soudaine de faire ça toute suite :S

  2. Great job, theres noting better than a bit of spring cleaning, out with the old and in with the new!


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