Review: Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Base in Natural Finish


Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Base in Natural Finish and Luminous Finish
I'm getting there with my skin, I'm getting there! I still have a few active spot on the left side of my chin, but I feel my face is going to be clear soon. Fingers crossed!

I'm still going "au naturel" for most days, but when I need a pick me up I used BB cream and I also trialed my new Annabelle CC Perfecting Base*!

Ingenious multi-tasking perfecting base that primes skin perfectly and evens out skin tone. CONTROLS skin colour by neutralizing redness, dull and uneven complexion. CORRECTS instantly by reducing appearance of pores, fine lines and leaves a flawless anti-shine finish. PRIMES skin for makeup and improves foundation wear. Oil-Free. Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free. Non comedogenic. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested. Size : 1 FL OZ / 30 mL

I was having high hopes for this. Maybe too high. Don't get me wrong, it is a good product! But with my skin out of control, I was seeing it as a miracle coming through my mailbox. In  form of a dispensing bottle!

The thing is that the Instant Perfecting Base is good at hiding redness, but not so much the brown scars recently left by my acne. The redness being on active spots, and them being crusty, I still have to cover them with concealer if I want to mask them completely. Even though I moisturize, everything clings on them, it's not the fault of the CC base.
Natural Skin
With Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Base in Natural Finish
With Annabelle CC Base and a BB cream
I don't have fine lines, so I cannot say how it performs at correcting it, but I do like the effect on my pores.

It's a great base, that I think would be better used on days when my skin is tired, more than blemished. I made the mistake of thinking it would conceal, but as its name suggests, it is a colour corrector, not a concealer, hehe :)

Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Bases retails around $17 in Canadian drugstores.

What is your holy grail complexion product? Have you tried any CC creams?

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  1. Ah j'pense que je vais l'essayer bientot! :) Elle me tente pas mal

    1. Oui! Et tu me diras c'que tu en penses Judy-Ann! ;)

  2. C'est complètement génial pour mes pores aussi, et je trouve que ça fait quand même de la belle job sur tes boutons asséchés!


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