Mint Sorbet (NOTD)


Pink and mint are easily my favourite colours. While I have lots of pink nail polishes, I didn't have yet the perfect mint one. Some are too blue, others too green.

So I decided to go on a quest (well, a mini-one, while on my break from work) for my mint coloured polish.

I came back with Sally Hanse Xtreme wear in 340 Mint Sorbet. The colour is perfect, when applied it is a little darker than in the bottle.

The only problem is, is that it is not Xtremely wearable at all. The above picture has been taken on Friday morning. I painted the first layer on Thursday evening, second on on Friday. At it had already started to chip! I don't mind at all, but I really had a better opinion on Sally Hansen's products. What happenned Sally?

Please tell me your fave mint polish or summer nail polish, that I check it out! ;)

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  1. Love it! I'm more a 'anything pink' kinda girl. :)

  2. I love mint its so fresh looking. Thats a lovely one. I have 17 Mint Choc Chip x

    1. I'll check it our while in London next month! I miss Boots so bad!!!


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