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Notting Hill Gate, Kensington Palace Gardens, Topping Lane
Oh, Nails Inc! How I miss your magazine freebies!

Despite having some amazing magazine freebies here in Canada, I get my Nails Inc fix at Sephora, when I go to Quebec City.

I have picked those this Spring, thiking they would be my go-to for Summer as well. Topping Lane is the most unique of all three, but I only use it as an accent nail, otherwise you look like a giant cupcake! (Miam, giant cupcake!)

The good thing with buying Nails Inc at Sephora in CAD is that it comes cheaper than buying them in the UK. At face value, they are the same, 11. But £ are more expensive than $. You would think they were cheaper in the UK, since they come from there, but no. Oh wait, UK girls have them free in magazines! (When in London next month I'm gonna buy magazines like crazy!)

Do you like Nails Inc? What's your favourite summer shade?

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  1. oui je les aimes... :) la collection ice cream j'ai essayé moi :)

  2. Cute! Je ne les ai jamais essayé, mais ils me font de l'oeil chaque fois que je vais au Sephora :O

  3. I love that middle shade x


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