Happy Birthday Neal's Yard Remedies Islington!


During my stay in London, I was lucky to be invited to Neal's Yard Remedies Islington birthday party! That's it,  has been NYR on Islington's Upper Street for 5 years!

Mandatory cupcake pic
To celebrate, we were offered some treats made from their new Superfood range, (goji berries dark chocolate barks). Healthy and scrumptious, what's not to love?

I discovered some new favourites scents!
During the party, we did a blind sniffing test. That's when I discovered that I liked frankincense and jasmine essential oils! Without the blind test, I would have never geared towards those scents at all!

Create your own!
With our new favourite oils, we then proceed to create a body product of our choice, using the "Create your own" line.

Anyone can pop into a NYR store (or online) and make their own bespoke products as well. All you have to do is take a base for the product you wan to make (shower gel, massage oil, body lotion, scrub, etc) and add a few of their essential oils, herbal infusions or flower remedies. I decided to make a lime and jasmine massage oil. I don't even have anyone to massage me, but that didn't stop me! Pff!

My massage oil, using new favourites!

The evening was really enjoyable and I was impressed at how knowledgeable everyone at Neal's Yard were.

A complete list of the Create your Own range can be found on their website.
Neal's Yard Remedies' Islington store is located on 295 Upper Street (Angel Tube station)

Happy birthday!

Have you tried anything from Neal's Yard Remedies yet? What product would you create?

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  1. This looks fun, sounds like you had a good time. I have never bought anything from Neal's Yard.

    Also I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your comment re which dress to choose I removed the post as I saw a dress on there I had to have so have chosen that one. I will post on my blog soon. Thanks a lot though for giving me your opinion. xx

    1. No problem Lisa-Jane and I look forward to see the dress you chose!

  2. tu es allé à Londre? tu as aimé ? OOOh J'adorais aller à Londre ! VRM.. si ça te dis de faire un article, je serais la première à lire attentivement :)!

    1. Oui, j'ai meme habité là pendant deux ans :) J'y retourne à chaque année! Pour l'article je garde ta suggestion en note!


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