Skin Regime Boot Camp Peel Week 4


The Skin Regime Kit: Book and 1-4-All Peel Sample

It's been a while that I have blogged, as I was in London for 2 weeks! It was a good time!

I have been battling acne (again) since about a year now. All the things I used to do that worked wasn't working, my skin was now sensitive, which has never been! I can now say that since mid-June I do not have breakouts anymore, excepts 1 during that time of the month. I finally pinpointed the culprits and I'm glad to say that I don't think I will have anymore spots soon!

Those nasty spots did leave me with scars though. I am bad, since I pick at my zits. I know. But for my defense, some that I haven't touched did leave marks, so I guess it was just bad ance that didn't want to go away!

During that time I was contacted byt the Skin Regime to try their Boot Camp. I was really interrested by the peel, so I jumped in!

To be honest, since I didn't have breakouts anymore, I just used the peel, along with my regular products. Dana Ramos (author of the Skin Regime), does recommend specific product to do the boot camp (all readily available everywhere), but I didn't want to flare my skin.

2 dram (1/4oz) 1-4-All Peel

The 1-4-All peel* is a weekly glycolic peel that you do preferably at night. You leave it on for a few minutes, you then remove it, put some cream on your face and go to sleep.

The first time I used the peel, I couldn't leave it more than a few seconds, as it was stinging really badly. The sting is normal, but I was a little wussy. I didn't see anything particular after this treatment. The following week, I decided to suffer the stinging and it does fade away. That's when I started seeing some action.

The day after my skin started peeling. Some people might notice the skin to actually peel, some won't. It is not too bad though, just a few spots of dry skin around my chin and nose. I usually don't have dry skin, so people with dry skin might want to use a richer cream.

The pictures below are after 4 weeks of treatment. I now feel confident again to go out with my bare skin, without foundation or BB cream on. I'm still working on problem areas such as chin and one underneath my right eye. But it is less red and dark than it used to be. People also notice that my skin is clearer, so I just can say good things about it!

Sorry, I do not have any before pictures, as I felt really bad about my skin. But you can check out a post back from last March, when I went "au naturel" for a while. You can see the results speak for themselves haha!

You can find the Skin Regime Book and products on their website.
Also, you get 15% off the 2oz bottle of the 1-4-All Peel when using code "bestpeel15"at checkout, until September 20, 2013.

Have you tried any peel or products to get rid of scars? How was it?

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  1. C'est la première fois que j'entends parler de ça et franchement, ça m'a l'air génial! Ta peau n'est pas plus sensible?

    1. Non, sauf qu'elle est plus sèche. Mais pendant les vacances (2 semaines) je ne lai pas amené et ma peau n'était pas sèche, donc ca se replace. :)

  2. ooh ta peau semble vraiment bien! Je suis tenté d'essayer!

    1. Merci! J'suis vraiment contente du résultat, j'admire ma peau à chaque jour maintenant au lieu de voir les dégats!

  3. Although it's been a long time since you've made this post, I want to say that your face looks great. It's such a success to be posing without a hint of makeup. All women should leave makeup aside from time to time to let their skin breathe.

    1. Thankn you! It is indeed quite daunting to post your bare face on the internet! I agree with you, it's important to let the skin breathe from time to time!


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