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Here is a collection of perfume that I bought when I was in London. Even though it was scorching hot I had Fall in mind, so I bought season related scents.

I already knew I wanted Vanitas and Ghost Deep Night. I got those with my Boots Adventage Points. Yes, I had enough for both of them for free! :) The other ones are discoveries while shopping.

I bought the Peace, Love and Juicy Couture, along with the coordinating lotion in TK Maxx. To be honest, I liked the look of the box and bottle and bouth the kit purely based on that. I'm kinda disapointed by the scent on me.

I would describe Zara Rose as a clean and fresh rose scent. Usually, rose perfumes are quite heady but this one is lighter, like a fruity rose, if that makes sense!

Zara Rose Gold is the headier rose perfume. You could think of it as the night time version of Zara Rose.

Along Came Betty She Missed Him: This mist comes from Tesco, and was about £3. It reminds me a lot of Miss Dior, that I used to have. So if you can't afford it this is a good option! Because it's a mist it doesn't last too long.

I first got Ghost Deep Night in a set of minis I bought in the Boots after Christmas sales. I used it before the other ones because the lid was broken and the scent is one of my favourite come Fall. It is a creamy musky scent, really warm and mysterious.

I got a mini of Versace Vanitas in a beauty box and fell in love with it right away as it reminds me of a Barbie perfume I had when I was young. It is similar to Miss Dior Chérie the kind of fresh, girly but grown up scent.

Do you change your scents according to season? What are your favourite for Fall?

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