Confessions of a Hostie (Book Review)


Happy December you all!

I hope you are in a festive mood! I can't wait for Christmas but I have to confess that today I have a case of wanderlust, where I could be anywhere but here!

Time and again, I go back to this dream of mine of being a flight attendant. I love to travel, I love the lifestyle and my Gemini background makes me bored easily, and if there is ever a profession where I know I wouldn't get bored, it would be as a flight attendant!

A few weeks ago I started to read Danielle Hugh's books, Confessions of a Hostie and More Confessions of a Hostie: The Second Sector*. And I really enjoyed them both.

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service will recognise herself in these books, even thought sometimes the situations are just so far worse than what a regular "earthling" (someone who doesn't work above ground) can experience. After reading the fisrt book, I was wondering if I would like the second, as there were so many hilarious stories, that I was wondering if there was possibly something left for the second. Yes, there was, even though the seconde book starts slower than the first one.

If you are a travel lover, or just a girly girl wanting to read about parties and shopping, I would recommend these books to you. They are easy and fun to read!

Details about how to get the books on the Confessions website.

Write your book recommendations below :)

*Both ebooks were provided for review consideration

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