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OMG! Christmas is a little bit more than a week away! Aren't you excited? I am!

Following my Red Lippies post, I decided to offer you a red and festive nail ones. Maybe you're bold enough to rock both, or maybe you would prefer to keep it on your nails so you're not staining everyone you kiss on Christmas Eve... I scoured my room to find 10 festive red nail polishes, and here is what I found:

If you're more into bright reds,

OPI Dress to Impress: This is an orangy red, with tiny glitters in it. A good colour to keep for summer as well!

Lancôme Vernis Magnétique in Code Red: Red with a slight blue undertone. It has a creamy finish, for those who doesn't like glitters.

Nails Inc St James: Another blue toned red, but with the subtlest of shimmers.

Nails Inc Dean Street: Look a lot to St James, but redder. Again, a shimmery (but not glittery) polish.

Lancôme Vernis Absolu: Blind Date: This is edging on mauve, and is shimmery as well.

 And now to the deep reds:

Mavala Madras: Deep shimmery red, almost duochrome.

Essie Leading Lady: This is a clear polish packed with red glitters.  It came in last year's Christmas colllection, but I bought it this summer at TK Maxx in a set. A bloggers favourite.

Barbara Daly Envy: This is my favourite, I talked about it a lot already, it is a true shimmery red.

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle: Looks a lot like Leading Lady, but the glitters are a little bit on the purply side.

Nicole by OPI Sealed With a Kris: One of the Kardashians polishes I picked up at Dollarama for 3$! A creamy claret.

And now tell me your favourite Christmas time nail polish!

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  1. For some reason I never ever wear red nail varnish and yet I think it looks fab on other people. Love the look of the Essie one x

    1. You should try it then! If you're afraid of bold colours, nails are a good place to start ;)


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