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(I am reposting this article I wrote about two years ago as the blog that I guest-wrote it for doesn't seem to exist anymore. This is the time of year our lips needs a little tlc!)

99.7% - of adults say an attractive smile is an important personal asset.[i] How do you like yours? Is it one of your best features? Your lips might be the first thing people see about your smile. Here are my top tips and products for luscious lips:

This is the product that got me through winter. I would say it’s my favourite lip product! It is creamy and formulated with petrolatum, cocoa butter and vitamin E. Mine is flavoured with dark chocolate and peppermint, and reminds me of a Peppermint Mocha. There is also a dark chocolate and cherry flavoured one, which also sounds yummy!

I try to use this product only twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, as I don’t want my lips to rely on it. If I feel my lips are dry during the day, I just use a tiny bit of regular lip balm.

A tip that I have been using recently is putting some eye cream on the contour of my lips. The cream I am using is No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream (£16). I love the No7 Protect & Perfect range; the products are not too greasy (perfect for my normal/combination skin) and smell fresh. Now, because I still have young skin, I cannot really say if it makes a big difference or not. But presuming it is efficient on the eye contours lines; I would assume it is for the smile lines as well.

I am a big advocate for scrubbing dead skin cells, and lips’ make no exception! I usually tend to prefer my homemade scrubs versus commercial ones. I can make them as gritty or gentle as I want. I use a teaspoon of sugar and add some olive oil to it. Then I scrub my lips!

If you want an alternative for sensitive skin, use baking soda instead of sugar. Lush also do a few lips scrubs in different flavours, if you prefer to buy one ($9.95).

There you have it! My favourite tips and products for luscious lips! Tell me now, what are your tricks, and also, what is your reason for smiling?


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  1. I love that lipstick its gorgeous on you. I agree I think a nice smile has to be tops when you look at someone and also nice eyes x

    1. Ah thank you Lisa-Jane! I don't remember which one it was though, as I just came back from a professional photoshoot! I def love nice eyes too!

  2. Je ne sais pas ce qu'il s'est passé mais moi qui a toujours eu les lèvres sèches, je n'ai plus ce problème depuis un mois?! Bizarre!

    1. Ben c'est cool ca! Faut prendre les bonnes choses quand elles passent!


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