Review: Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap


You may know by now that wash my hair on a biweekly basis. I have been doing that since my teenage year, so that they don't turn greasy from over washing.

In order to achieve this, one needs a shower cap. I have to admit that I mainly used the cheapy ones, the kind that one gets in hotel, but when I had the chance to review the Save the Blow Dry cap*, I had to try them.

What it is: 

  • Super roomy - covers even the longest, thickest styles

  • Comfortable fab-flex grip stops strands escaping

  • Really banishes bathroom frizz and squashed hair styles

I have long and thick hair, and I have to say that this shower cap is roomy! I never wear them in updo, but if you do and would like to keep it a few days, the shower cap would be big enough to put the updo in.

It also grips a lot, being used to cheapy caps I was used to put the cap swiflty but this one requires more manoeuvre I have to admit. But on the bright side it does help the escaping strands :)

How can you resist those pink bows?
Save The Blow Dry is also lined in terry cloth, so if you can flip it over and use it to cover your hair when you put a mask on it. I barely never use hair masks so I haven't tried this feature yet.

Save the Blow Dry is available to buy online for £14.95 (around 22$). They also offer international shipping. 

Disclaimer: Product sent for review consideration. Views are my own. 

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