January Empties


I haven't been able to finish a lot of products in January, and most of them are boring ones I confess. Still, there is something therapeutic in putting the empties in a bucket and write about them every month.

Ivy & Castle Cherry Blossom & Almond Foaming Hand Wash: We're still in love with the Ivy & Castle Soaps, but we decided to try thi one for good measure. And it's the new family favourite! To me it smells more like almond than cherry blossom, which makes it less floral and more sweet!

Clean & Clear Finishes Pore Perfect Moisturizer: I can't say I noticed a big difference on the pore front, but this is me just not taking the time to notice it. But I loved how lightweight it was, the fact it has SPF 15 and the clean scent. It has been discontinued, unfortunately, but if you come across it on clearance, give it a go!

Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon PocketBac: I love PocketBacs! They leave a great scent and they don't leave a nasty residue like some other sanitizers. Working in a retail environment and doing cash, I need those! But I think that this particular bottle was weird, it dispensed way more than the others I have used in the past. Result, it was gone with the speed of light!

Have you got any good products you finished in January?

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  1. The cherry blossom foam wash sounds lovely. Sorry but I accidentally deleted your comment you left on my latest blog! I am sorry I did mean to publish it x

    1. It is! That's ok, I always fear to delete instead of publishing, it can happen to anyone!

    2. Nightmare! sorry about that x

  2. Oh also I have mentioned you on my Blogger Love Tag..take a look :) xx


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