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Last week I talked about Maybelline, one of my favourite drugstore brands. Now this week, I'm posting about another one of my favourite drugstore brands: Revlon.

I particularly love their lip products, They always have creamy formulas and such pretty colours! The lip butters have been raved about on lots of blogs. Some people find them overrated. I don't. I prefer them to the butters and balms other brands do. And they have a variety of colours that ranges from nude, oranges, browns, reds, purples and pinks.

When I see that they are on super offer, I take advantage of it. (I must admit I have so many of them yet that I have to write a list of the ones I have.) They are now 3.99$ at PJC. It's almost half off, so it's insane! I grabbed Wild Watermelon, Juicy Papaya, Pink Lemonade and Sugar Frosting.

I also took a Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in African Tea Rose. Now, I have swatched other colours before and didn't think they smelled that much but the advisor (which is my favourite, she knows her stuff!) told me that this particular one was a nicely scented one. And I couldn't pass the colour!

There you have it, my new Revlon products this week. Do you like Revlon? What are your favourite Revlon products?

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  1. Oh! Je suis curieuse de le sentir ce vernis-là! J'en ai seulement un pour le moment, Autumn Spice. Il sent vraiment bon, mais pas assez à mon goût.

    OMG, ils ne sont pas chers les Lip Butters!! Je sens que je vais m'empresser d'aller chez Jean-Coutu bientôt!!!

    1. Il sent plus que les autres que j'avais testé en magasin (la rose est une odeur pas très subtile), mais bon on se parfumera pas avec notre vernis tout suite lol!

  2. Lovely colors! Can't say I ever tried scented nailpolish...

  3. Thanks Iva! I now remember I had one that was supposed to smell like grape when I was a teen, but never really noticed a grapey scent!


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