Saturday's Stuff I Like


I haven't done a Saturday's Stuff I Like in a while, but I want to get back to it, because I want to practice gratitude and positive thinking. I hope to stay in this habit, so we'll see!

Spending the day shopping with my mum
My mum has been sick with cancer since last summer and she didn't go out of the house a lot lately. This morning, she wanted to go shopping in New-Brunswick, and I drove. Now drivinf with my mum in the passenger's side is a daunting task because she always tell me what to do and how to drive but she was not too bad today!

Finding a Yankee Candles stockist in my area
While shopping we went to Home Hardware, somewhere we never go but I'm glad I did because I bought those Yankee Candles Wax Tarts! They didn't have a lot of candles though, mainly the wooden wicks one, but they had a decent choice of tarts.

Discovering new blogs
This week, I have discovered a few new blogs that I like, notably Hello October, From Roses and Lipstick with some Sunshine.

Laughing with my parents
Yesterday, while watching tv with my parents, my mum was just so outraged at tiny little things that it was hard not to laugh.

Winning on scratch cards
I bought a scratch card on Thursday and won 4$ on it, then got another one and got another 4$! I haven't taken another one yet but I want to keep winning!

 What did you like this week? I hope you had a good one!

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