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This has been my first week unemployed. I'm taking it slow a little before jumping on board with finding a job and life meaning!

On Tuesday, I went to New-Brunswick with my friend Nancy and her sister France. Nancy was getting tattooed and she wanted some support. I said yes, like a loyal friend before I realised that the needle's noise makes me want to faint. Well, after sitting about 1 hour and a half, I'm glad to report that seeing and hearing a tattoo being made live doesn't make me faint! But I'm still watching pictures on the Internet and I want to gag... Go figure!

On Thursday my mum had some hospital apppointements and she also went to the organisation that helps her to get a wig! She wanted me to be there to help her chose the style and colour and we found her a nice dark brown bob (above). My dad was so jealous he decided to wear the wig yesterday and I took pictures! But I'm not allowed to post them on the Internet... It is really funny though, I wish I'd be able to share it!

This morning I was about to do my thrift store run, but it turns out 2 out of the 3 store I go to on Saturdays were closed. And my friend Suzanne wanted me to go see her at the bar she works at so I went for coffee. And I watched the Olympic bobsleigh. Those guys are so muscular! Wow! They have nice asses too hahaha!

I did manage to go to one of the thrift store, and I made a delightful discovery. Last year there I bought a Christmas china set, but there wer some missing pieces. Well, I got one matching mug! My set already had 6, so now it has 7, I guess the original set was for 8 people... Not quite sure, as I thought I had all mugs, but I missed plates. Well!

This week I was watching picture of this time last year and realized how great my skin has been since last August! I'm really into my skin now! I might even show some pictures in a future post.

Yesterday I found  a new blog and I am now reading it through the begining. It's the blog from a clothing boutique in Ontario, Canada called Blush. They have gorgeously styled pictures! I have somewhat eclectic tastes, but somehow their décor esthetic regroups all I love: girly, shabby chic yet elegant.

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