Manicure Monday: Going Bare


I'm not showing you my nails today for the good reason that they are disgusting! Two of them broke in the last few days (that's working manually to you) and I noticed yesterday that they are slightly stained yellow. I'm not sure if it is because I put a lot of polish back to back lately, or if it is the work of my new Wet N Wild Wet Cement. I decided to let them breathe a little bit.

Later this week I'll put this Sally Hansen Diamond Stregnth Hardener. I have been using it in the past few weeks, which is good because I normally forget base and top coats. I like that it is fast drying. I did noticed a little difference in the fact that my nails were able to grow strong. Unfortunately, work happened and it broke. Now my fingernails are way too short and I feel like I have something missing :(

Overall, I like Sally Hansen, it is an affordable brand that I trust for my nails need.

Do you have any nails tips and favourite products to recommend?

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