March Empties


Another month means another Empties post!  I did good in March and I'm proud of myself. I haven't  bought a lot either so yay me for not cluttering!

Ivy & Castle Cherry Blossom & Almond Foaming Hand Wash: If you're a regula of my empties posts, then you know how much I love the Ivy & Castle Foaming Hand Wash! They smell divine, are similar to Bath & Body Works ones, but they only cost 2 bucks at Dollarama!

MONU Warming Aromatic Mask:  I love warming masks! I first thought this one was made of clay, especially with the "for normal and combination skin" claim, but no, it doesn't contains clay. It does have lavender oil and camphor, so it is good before bedtime in the colder months!

ROC Enydrial Hand Cream: When I was back in Québec from living in Vancouver a few years, my skin was not accostumed to dry weather anymore and I experienced a few rashes on my wrists. One of my friend's mum who is a cosmetician recommended this to me and since it has been my hand cream of choice for the dryer months.

EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner: I love using this conditioner that I got in a Luxe Box. It makes my hair easier to detangle, which is always a big plus. The scent is elegant, and reminds me of a Chupa Chups perfume I once had. Yes, I made a sentence with elegant and Chupa Chups together! I think it comes down to the combination of musk and sweetness.

Balance Me Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream: I always have the idea that an eyecream should be thick and greasy and having oily skin to me, it's just repulsive. This one is lightweight so I like it. I also have another backup of this sample size, but I would purchase this.

Lush Mr Punch Fruity Soap: This was a tiny sample that I got with my Christmas order. It would not have been something I would reach for, but I like the scent of it, and would consider it next year. Like the name says, it is fruity and spicy, just like a punch!

Marcelle Hydra-C ComplexE Facial Exfoliating Gel: I've already had that it the past and this was a repurchase. They did change the packaging, so if you look for it, make sre to visit their website for the new look! It is the perfect exfoliant for sensitive skin, as the beads are gentle.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel: This is the infamous Christmas-time limited edition shower gel from Lush. If you are a girly girl and like sweet scents, this will be for you next December! For my part, I bought a back-up ;)
NUbalance Hair Remover Cream: Oh my God, don't buy this! On its own, it doesn't do anything. I managed to finish it by using it to stretch my other remover. Usually Dollarama has good cheapy finds, but this one is not one of them, sadly!

Daily Defense Naturals Rainforest 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner: I'm not sure where this came from, as it was part of my dad's discarded stuff. It was probably Dollarama. I loved it, made my hair feels lighter (I have lots of the stuff haha)! As opposed to its name, I'm not using it daily as I wash my hair only twice a week.

So a grand total of 16 emtpies this month! I hope to do as good in April.

Have you used any good products in March?

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  1. Bailey_AlltheWords3 April 2014 at 01:48

    You got through so much! I always like seeing what people have actually finished. I need to do an empties post soon- my empties bag is pretty much overflowing.

  2. Yes, I know! That's what happens when you have a bunch of stuff half used lying around, they all seem to finish at the same time! Yes, let us see the bag! ;)


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