Saturday's Stuff I Like (on Easter Sunday!)


(I understand it's now Sunday, by the way Happy Easter! I had written my post yesterday but needed to add a few things and then I forgot... The last point is the culprit!)

Spring is getting there! I cannot say it has sprung quite yet but the snow is almost all melted: it's a good start!

This week I've been getting my motivatoin back and it feels good. I'm not sure if it's the Spring thing but I'm getting ideas and it excites me!

Staionary. I get phases when I'm excited about stationary. As I was saying this afternnoon, they usually say: "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have". In that sense, because I want an office job I'm better getting back at organising my paperwork in style!

Today I have found a clothes rack that I liked and that was not too expensive. I haven't set it up yet, so I hope the final result is not too shabby looking!

I went shopping today and even though in my mind I was going to spend my whole paycheck on beauty bits I only bought 2. Here's to saving money!

Rosé wine! It is officially Spring so I can get away with drinking the Rosé! Not that I would mind to drink it in the Winter, but the past few months I got white wine. But I decided that it was the Easter weekened and shoo Winter, Rosé is here!

Hope you all have a great Easter with your loved ones!

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  1. OOOh j'aime ta phrase dress for the job you want and not for the one you have!! Motivant de garder ça à l'esprit Joyeuse pâques Xx

  2. Courtney Connolly20 April 2014 at 14:57

    can't wait to see how you set up your dress rack! it's so much fine to pick and choose what to put on it!

  3. Oooui! Faisons circuler la motivation! ;)

  4. Lisa-Jane Andrews22 April 2014 at 16:55

    Looking forward to seeing the dress rack. Gorgeous flowers too x

  5. Thanks Lisa-Jane! They smell nice too (hyacinths)! I'm going to curate my rack and post it probably next week!


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