Manicure Monday: Essie Fiji + broken nail tip


Fiji is probably the best selling polish from Essie. It is a pale pink, almost white polish. If you are at the Essie stand and wondering what is the difference between this shade and others (after all, Essie offers a lot of pale pink/whites) well, this one is opaque.

It is opaque, yest but it takes a few coats to get it right. In my case here, I put 3, and it was gloppy so hard to work it properly. I can still see streaks, which is kind of annoying, but it's not too bad. Because of those 3 coats, I feel like I have false nails, which is cool in a way.

I put some fake tan on to make it stand out, but I know it will be better when I'm going to be darker!

You probably can't tell on the picture but the nail on my middle finger was broken, at the very edge of the flesh. Because I have a few days off until Wednesday I decided not to cut it but try SuperGlue/Crazy Glue on it. What I did is I put a tiny drop of glu on a toothpick and then glue the nail back to its root. This worked because it broke in a slanted way, so I had enough surface to make each part adhere. I did that on Saturday and it works pretty fine. I have already tried other tip, notably the tea bag on, wit not much result. Granted glue might not be good, but it's just a tiiny bit on the nail so I figure it won't do much more problems than nail polish or other products we put on it.

What have you got on your nail today? Do you have any nail tips to share?

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