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It was one of those week when nothing too exciting happened. I didn't work a lot, which was nice as I get to work on the blog and my application. I felt in a rut for most of the week regarding the job application, but then since yesterday things are looking up again. A constant roller coaster!

I went for a walk tonight, as we have some sunshine. It's a rare occurence this year, so might as well take full advantage of it!

I also took advantage of the sun to work on my paint removing and painting projects. At this rate, it's probably going to take all summer to finish them!

I'm planning my birthday! It's not going to be anything too complicated, just going for drinks with friends at the newly re-opened pub in the village. It's not taking me too much to be tipsy and everytime it's funny. 

We have a new coworker and it's always funny when I tell them my age as I know I don't look it. Oh the joy of looking ten years younger!

The funniest thing happened at work today! One of my co-worker told me she though I was wearing dentures! At my age! I take it as a compliment, and rightly so as she said: "Well you got such beautiful teeth!"

So I got quite a few compliments today :)

What good things are happening in your life?

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