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This week was my birthday! Guess how old I am! I'm not telling you right now... Hahaha!

I usually offer myself a gift for my birthday and also for Christmas. Usually they will be things I have been eyeing for a few weeks or months even. Waiting to get it just makes me excited about the big event, like when I was a kid. You might say: "Yes, but what about your friends and family's gifts". I'm also excited for those and grateful, but they are usually money or gift card, and not yet something tangible. I hope this makes sense.

So I have been toying with the idea of ordering a few books and a mug from Indigo for quite some time now. I was debating as to which mug to get, as there are a lot of funny ones! I went for the Coffee is always a good idea one, because let's face it, coffee is great! They also have mugs for teachers at the moment as end-of-year gifts.

Those books are all over the blogosphere, as they are just so stylish. Alexa Chung's It is probably on the bookshelf of every girl and Christian Dior's The Little Dictionnary of Fashion is a must have for every fashionista. I love browsing into it, as it brings an old fashion atmosphere, when everyone put so much more effort into their toilette. Alexa's book is more like a diary, personnal musings on makeup, hair, music,etc. I love that she included her own drawings and pictures, it really feels like I'm having a peek at someone's journal.

And because it wouldn't be a birthday without a candles, I put the Hobnail Mercury Pure Peony Blush candle in my cart. It can always be tricky to order a scented candle without having sniffed it first, but I'm not disapointed yet by this one (I haven't burnt it yet). It smells like roses and peonies, but not in a headache inducing way.

Also I have this little tradition of getting myself a perfume for my bday and this year was a repurchase of Miss Dior Chérie. Yes, the Chérie one, I guess it has been on the drugstore shelf for a while but that suits me because I wanted to have the same as the one I had before. Unfortunately, it is not quite the same, I think this one is in the reformulation of the Miss Dior Chérie. I don't know why they changed that perfume so much, and then change the name. Why fix something that is not broken? Or just reforulate but with a different name as they usually do when they have a different declination of a scent (exemple a lighter one for summer)?

As you can see, I went with a pink and romantic theme for my gifts to myself.

Now did you guess how old I am? Some of you already know!

I'm 31! But I'm fun (hear Ladytron's Seventeen for reference). Or 13, as my dad placed the candles on the cake...

Anyone else giving themselves birthday gifts? Anyone else not feeling their age?!

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  1. Bonne fête Stéphanie!! Je te souhaite plein de belle chose pour ta 31ieme année ;)
    moi, j'ai eu 33 et je capote un peu haha! Non, je m'achète rien à ma fête, mais je viens de me le promettre à l'instant pour l'an prochain ;)

  2. Merci Julie! on est dans les memes eaux héhé! J'ai hate de voir cque tu vas t'offrir pour tes 34 ans! :)

  3. Courtney Connolly13 June 2014 at 18:31

    Happy Birthday Stephanie! I'm glad you treated yourself, you deserve it!


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