Best of the Web #10


On my way back from Quebec City back in May, I was listnening to a radio show that  featured artists from all over the world. I actually don't know the name of the show, as it happens Quebec is so big so after a little while, you loose the station. This week I was thinking about a song I heard that time, and I knew I already checked it out on YouTube, but I was hoping I put it in my favourites. And I did! So for you, I'm sharing this Hungarian song, Hétköznapi, by Szabó Balázs feat. Julie Rens. I have no clue what the song is about, except for the last few bits in French, of course. If you know, please share! It's the kind of song I like to listen to early in the morning.

I always like a good internship story. I might be pretty old in usual standards to still think about internships, but I don't mind. Lydia Rose is interning at Company, a UK magazine similar to Glamour. A while ago, she shared her tips to get an internship in Journalism.

Following on the professional front, Emily Schuman shares her friend's Cristina's Networking Tips for Introverts. You'll find a few gems in there!

Have you read anything good on the Web this week?

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  1. The I Love Science site is one I visit a lot as I am a total science nerd!

    Gems x

  2. Hi Gems! I'm so bad at sciences! I will take a look at the site though! Thanks for the reccomendation :)


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