Manicure Monday (Tuesday): Essie Summer 2013 Collection at Dollarama!


I let you down on Manicure Monday yesterday as I was out of town for the whole day. I was having a bank appointment and the nearest branch of my bank is in New Brunswick. So I killed a few birds with one stone and I did some shopping, as usual.

Dollaramas there where having a LOT of Essies. On most of them, the name of the colours were not written,  and they were colors I was not really into. But I got these three lovely brights from last year's Summer Collection. They remind me of other regulas Essies, but they have tiny sparkly fleck in them, as opposed to being just creams.

I think the Girls are Out is propably the most unique one in terms of Essie. From online pics, it looks like Big Spender, but I don't recall seeing that one. Full Steam Ahead is a true lilac, and it reminds me of Play Date. Unfortunately, I don't have Play Date with me to compare. Sunday Funday is my favourite, a nice coral, reminding me of E-Nuff is E-Nuff or Cute as a Button.

On my nails today, I put Full Steam Ahead with a few lines of The Girls are Out on my ring fingers.  

Those polishes and the rest of the Summer 2013 Collection is still available on Nail Polish Canada if you cannot find them in your Dollorama.

Have you find anything exciting at Dollarama lately?

P.S: I'm still looking for guest bloggers

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews31 July 2014 at 14:06

    Essie polishes always look so nice. x

  2. Yes, they have so many great colours!

  3. tu es donc bien chanceuse, en plus ce sont de belles couleurs
    j'y vais aujourd'hui..celui ou est le rossy? j'espère que tu m'en a resté :P

  4. Hello Anik! Oui, c'est lui ou le Rossy! Yavait une couple de Sunday Funday, les autres couleurs jme rappelle plus mais sinon va a Sugar Loaf, yen a des masse! Par contre la bas cétait plus des couleurs foncées métalliques.

  5. Tu me diras si ten as trouvé a ton gout! ;)

  6. Essie Polishes are my favorite. I love Full Steam Ahead. :)

  7. Yes, there are in my favourites as well! Thanks Kelly!


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