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I didn't do a SSIL post like week and the reason for it is (as you may know) that we had an electricity blackout for a day and a half due to Hurricane Arthur. Well let me know, I don't want to see him again!

So because of that, I'm glad I can enjoy electricity and Internet once again. Those are things that haven't been in people's lives for that long, but we miss them so much when they are out!

After a few deceptions regarding my employment research, I'm happy to be in the loop and hear back from employers again! Have you ever been in a job search rut? You probably know the feeling when you hear back after a while of radio silence!

In the meantime, I'm scheduled for more hours this coming week. I have not been working a lot lately but things are constantly changing at the store!

Outside concerts are back in the village. They are called : "Chapeau à nos artistes" which means "Hats Off to our Artists" and are weekly outside events at the Museum. There is no set fee; there are volunteers going around with hats and you can give as much as you like. 

I just got the visit of my friends Johannie and Matthieu, they came with their little toddler and I'm not used to kids around in the house but he was fun! All he wanted to do was climb the stairs and run around.

I hope you have a great time!

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  1. Il n'y a pas beaucoup d'emploi je crois en gaspésie... Tu es dans quel domaine?

  2. Il y en a mais c'est pas ce que je recherche. Je suis en communications/ mise en développement du tourisme. Le truc cest que ca fait quelques fois que j'applique pour des postes, fais des entrevues, et mes rappels pour finalement me faire dire que le poste n'existe plus! Grrrr!

  3. oooh je comprends pourquoi c'est si difficile...Je te souhaite de trouver bientôt! Lâche pas!

  4. It's amazing how much we rely on electricity and internet these days! I bet you were very glad to get connected again - on the odd occasion when our internet is down, I feel like I have had my right arm chopped off! I depend on it far too much!
    I love the sound of the outdoor concerts. It sounds like such a lovely place where you live!

  5. Oh yes, I'm totally dependent hahaha! It is a nice place, it's just so remote though! I love big cities!


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