Sigma E35 and E55 Eye Brushes Review


I have talked about Sigma brushes in the past, as you may remember from my Favourite Face Brushes post where I featured the F80.

Today I want to talk about teo of their eyes brushes, the E35 Tapered Blending Brush* and the E55 Eye Shading Brush*.

I think those would be a great beginner's duo, as it is really the basic. The E55 (Eye Shading) is the one you need to pack on the shadow. It is not too big, nor too small, and the bristle are dense enough to transfer the shadow from the palette to the eyes properly.

The E35 (Tapered Blending Brush) is just as its name suggests, a blending brush. It is tappered and I think it is great to darken the crease and blend it in a windshield washer way.

Both brushes are super soft, as all Sigma brushes that I have tried. Those are still new and it's early to say but all my Sigma brushes are really good quality and I can't fault them.

If you are Canadian, you will be pleasantly surpised that Obsessed Look now stocks Sigma and offers free shipping on all Canadian orders! (The individual price is slightly higher than the Sigma website, but the shipping is free and you won't get the nasty custom fee, so it's worth it!)

If you are outside Canada, you can still buy Sigma brushes from their own website.

Psst! Wanna see how I wash my brushes? Or how I store them?

*Contains a press sample

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  1. I do like the E35 although yours looks more tapered than mine if that makes any sense. Maybe I need to clean mine...

  2. Hi Iva! Oh, really? More tapered? I'm really bad with cleaning my brushes, I have to admit!

  3. I've been dying to try sigma brushes for so long but I never want to actually pony up and pay for them haaha I do love my Real Techniques though
    Allison from


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