How to Accent with Gold Jewelry (Guest Post)


Today's Guest Post is coming from Alicia McKee. She's telling us why gold is the new black and how to accessorize it!

For years, it seemed that gold was destined to take a backseat during the sterling silver craze. Everything looked prettier with a cool, silver sheen; gold was an old-fashioned, conservative metal reserved for the Baby Boomer generation – and usually worn as a tacky, matching set! But in the last couple of seasons, gold has been making a serious comeback since the price of this precious commodity has been steadily dropping to a cost that is more, let’s say, Millennial-friendly. Even gold plated and vermeil embraced pieces – which are other metals finished with a coat of gold on top – are being shown off on the Red Carpet and magazine covers. So how can you get in on this trend? Here are a few cardinal rules to help you piece together a new, gold clad look:
  1.  Gold goes with every color. Really! You’ll look super chic and sophisticated in an all-black ensemble draped with gold accents, and just as cute in a purple tee or white dress paired with gold jewelry pieces.
  2. Gold is a versatile metal that can be dressed up and formal; haute couture and eccentric; or casually cool. The best part is whichever look you’re striving for really depends on the outfit more than the jewelry. For example, you can complement a stunning pair of gold earrings with a sleek, floor-length dress for a black tie affair on Saturday night, and on Sunday throw the same pair on with a slouchy sweater and jeans! Either pairing looks effortlessly flawless and trendy, because gold makes for such an adaptable accessory.
  3.  There’s no such thing as too chunky. Gold jewelry looks amazing regardless of size and width: you can elect for dainty midi rings or a thin bracelet, or conversely play up the glamor with a super chunky statement necklace or flashy pair of gold heels. Mix your pieces accordingly, though. If you’re going big and bold, add a few other gold or non-gold accessories that are only slightly thinner or less attention-grabbing by comparison. Don’t combine the two extremes, otherwise your outfit will look unbalanced.
  4. Ready to buy your first piece of gold jewelry? Search for a quality piece sold at a discounted price from online retailers like EVINE Live to start your collection. Go with a couple of cheap bracelets to start, and then when your budget allows, add a sharp-looking yellow gold watch for killer arm candy. Once you’re hooked on the gold fad, you’ll find yourself eyeing awesome pieces like these hair accessories from Modcloth, and adding them to your wardrobe without a second thought!
  5.  Even though the prices for gold jewelry have fallen, make sure you understand the quality of the gold jewelry you’re buying. 24 karat gold is the purest form; smaller karats are actually alloyed (melted and combined) with other metals like copper and silver so that it is not only less expensive, but stronger and longer lasting. 10 karat is the least pure and cheapest option available; but you can always elect for a gold embraced or plated alternative to save a few bucks! Also – companies are not legally allowed to market a product as “gold” if it is less than 10k. Just because it looks gold doesn’t necessarily mean that it is, so check the label!
Now that you’ve got the basics down, get ready to flaunt and shine in your golden wardrobe! 


Statement Necklace from Paizlee / Platform Sandals by Steven Madden / Cocktail Ring from Max and Chloe / Cross Earrings by Bario Neal / Wide Braided Gold Belt from Shoptiques / Gold Hair Cuff from Collective Habit / Metal Fan Clutch from Nordstrom

Guest Post by Alicia McKee
Thank you Alicia!

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