July Empties


July has been a good empties month. I finished 20 products, and considering I only bought about 6 things, I'm proud of myself. I will go in London in a few weeks and I know I will buy a lot, so it was important for me not to go overboard before that.

Softsoap Vanilla Brown Sugar: I have bought a few bottles of this over the years, I like the scent, it's sweet and creamy.

Eslor Comfort Mask: I received this, along with a few other samples from this brand in a Luxe Box. I love the mask, it is clay based and i thas a scent that reminds me of my trips to Mexico. I cannot pinpoint what it is, but I would purchase the full size, not now but I keep this in mind.

Eslor Soothing Refiner & Cleanser:  I also liked th e cleanser. I wouldn't repurchase, because I don't think it is as special as the mask though.

Comodynes Micellar Cleanser Towelettes: I like this wipe, it was smelling fresh and did a good job.

3D White Whitestrips Whitening Treatment: I have tried a sample of this in the past and I received a few in my last Luxe Box. I think it is efficient at whitening, I application is enought to see results. The only problem is that it causes sensitivity.

Nair Hair Removal 3 in 1 Lotion: This is probably the one hair removal lotion that we buy most often. As I said in previous empties posts, I rarely have problems with removal creams, so I buy whatever is on  special when I need it. I know last month I had an empty hair removal bottle, it's not that this one was new, but my dad bought another one, so this one was almost empty already.

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips: I'm not a fan of these, as I'm not a fan of nail stripes or stickers in general. I think I would like the idea, but never came across ones that I liked. You can see those in my posts Sally Hansen Duo and Minty Houndstooth.

IKEA Yrsno Candle: I've  had this one for a long time. I didn't want to use it too quickly, as I don't have an IKEA nearby and that it was a Christmas candle a few years ago. It doesn't smell a lot where you burn it, but the fragrance tavels. For example, when I lit it in my bedroom, I've noticed that the scent was in fact downstairs, just below. I've talked about it in my Bedside Beauties and Holiday Candles posts.

Do you have any products that you're glad you finishhed in July?

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  1. J'ai tellement détesté les Whitestrip, j'ai pas dormi de la nuit quand j'ai essayé tellement ça a rendu mes dents sensibles! Moi qui ne pensait pas avoir les dents sensibles... j'avais tellement mal! Pu jamais ahahah

  2. Ca serait si merveilleux sil navais pas cette sensibilité la!


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