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I love interior posts and blogs, but for some reason I don't post a lot about it. Mainly it is because I live at my parent's place and I don't have a say about most things. My parents moved house and area when I just finished uni. That was when I moved to Vancouver. And then I moved places a lot. And life brought me to my parents' 2 years ago. In "my" room, which I never have lived in, only been there as a guest. 

So sometimes it doesn't feel like my own room, as I didn't chose the wall colour, furniture and duvet set that matched the walls. I still add some of my touch, as turning the duvet on the beige side as opposed to the big flowers one. it's not that it was not pretty, but I was getting tired of it, and I change my beddind quite often.

Lots of the things in my room were thrift shop finds, so it is hard for me to tell you where you can buy it. However, the pillow shams were from IKEA about 10 years ago and it the Rosali Paisley from the popular Cath Kidston collab they had. The sequin cushion is from Rossy and they still have it.

I like to decorate with hardback books, you can find so many pretty ones at charity shops for a song. Here I have Cyrano de Bergerac (Edmond Rostand), Les Dames de Missalonghi (Colleen McCollough), Le Livre du Bonheur (Marcelle Auclair) and The Little Dictionnary of Fashion (Christian Dior). The last one is from Indigo, but the other three from various charity trips. I love to be bilingual, as I can have books in both French and English. I use to think that English hardbacks look better, but seeing that I mainly French ones on my bedside I might reconsider, haha!

Alexa Chung's IT is a girly girl staple
The lamp is from IKEA and is the little KNUBBIG one. When I bought it I didn't realised it wouldn't be light  enough to read, so I put some fairy lights over my headboard.

I also have fairy lights on my windowsill. I love the atmosphere it gives the room in the evening. The seashells are souvenirs I found at the beach in Portugal a few years ago.

I'm also obsessed about mugs. I bought the hearts one last year at Debenham's in London. The music notes one is from a local charity shop. I like to keep beauty bits in them, as I cannot justify all of them just for coffee.

I got this venetian mask when I worked at the Tourist Office in London. Every year, there was a  Belgian Ball (yep, I know! Canadiand girl in London working for a Belgian organisation. That's globalization for you!). The first year I attend the theme was a masked ball. My boss was planning to wear this mask, but she decided to give it to me :)

I hope you liked my little bedroom tour! Please link to yours if you have one!

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  1. Moi aussi je garde des fairy lights à l'année, ça me rend joyeuse! Je trouve qu'elle a quand même super comfortable ta chambre même si tu n'as pas pu la mettre 100% à ton goût. Moi la mienne, je suis pas très compliqué, la peinture me dérange pas et pour le reste c'est bien simpliste ahah! J'adore les livres! Et le masque est vraiment beau!

  2. super jolie Stéphanie, vraiment! :)

  3. Oui les fairy lights ca donne tellement une belle ambiance! Moi jsuis bien dans ma chambre mais on dirait que jsuis tannée des murs jaunes! Merci Gaby!


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