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A few good things happened this week! Here is the lowdown!

Last Saturday I went to see an 80's tribute band, they were really cool! I like 80's music, and the kitchiness of the decade. To me, it evokes a carefree era.

One of my neighbour came the other morning to give us leftovers from her brother's funeral. The above picture is some of them,

Nicole B, the mare, seemed jealous of the attention I was giving to the kittens the other day. Usually she's really independent, so I cuddled her for a while. She even wanted to chew my hair! It was hilarious!

I'm continuing to revamp my curbside finds, and as I was sanding a few chair the other afternoon Félix, my dog came to lie down just behind my back. I was sitting on the floor while working and I could lay on him. 

I finally booked everything for my holiday in London! I just realised yesterday that it is in about a week!!

Do you also love animals and the 80's?

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