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There. I've said it.
I might be obsessed by the UK, but my hot drink of choice is still coffee. I do like tea, but it's an acquired taste. Whereas coffee is a natural for me. I don't drink it to keep me awake, but because I like the taste and it feels soothing.

My mum says I'm addicted and in a way she is right. If I drink the stuff everyday for a while, I'm going to suffer from withdrawals the day I decide to go without. And that's why decaf comes in handy.

Anywhoo. Today I'm sharing yet another brand I've discovered at the Fair Trade in London, Cafeology. Cafeology is an ethical brand of mainly coffee, but also tea. 

We specialise in the supply of the very finest ethical beverages. As our business is 100% ethical we offer a huge range of products, which carry many recognised marks such as Fairtrade, Soil Association and Rainforest Alliance mark to ensure the Cafeology product you enjoy really does make a difference to the farmers whose crops we buy.

I was able to try their Columbian Fresh Ground Coffee*, which is a medium blend. South American coffees are my favourite, notably Columbian and Guatemalan, as I do not like a strong spiced coffee, like the African and Asian ones are. I have to say  this Columbian is a little bit stronger than the ones I'm used to, but it is really good and I've got complimented on it. When you open the package you can see and smell that this is a quality coffee, nothing compared to Folgers or Maxwell House!

The bag I got here, which is a 227g retails for £3.89, which is a really good price for this coffee. If you compare to Starbucks let's say. they usuallly sell their 1 lbs coffee bag for around $16. 227g is around half a pound, for the CAD equivalent of  $7. So the Cafeology comes cheaper and is certified Fair Trade, and Starbucks isn't.

Of course, I like to pair my coffee with a little breakfast indulgence! Here is a bagel with butter and Nutella. Yes, it is decadent like that sometimes at MsBubu's!

What is your favourite Autumn drink?

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  1. Oh yes, coffee over tea any day.

  2. J'ai arrêté de boire du café pendant 3 mois... je le sais pas c'est revenu naturellement .. je ne m'en suis pas aperçu.. J'adore vraiment le café et avant j'étais complètement accro...J'ai eu un sevrage épouvantable 1 semaine avec des migraines épouvantable, mais j'ai arrêté d'un coup.J'aime trop le café pour ne plus en boire :) Je choisi toujours du café équitable, c'est une valeur importante pour moi.. à Montréal, je connais les endroits proche de chez moi où je peux en acheter! la prochaine fois que je vais en italie, j'arrête à Londres for sure! Je penserai à toi et je t'écrirai avant pour les best place à aller :)

  3. Ah oui c'est tellement pas un bon feeling! Le pire c'est que jai mal calculer ma patente, et ca fait plusieurs jours que je prends du régulier, alors j'vais avoir ce mal de tete et de coeur prob bientot :( Oui, écris-moi pour Londres, ca va me faire plaisir de t'aiguiller! ;)

  4. Mon dieu, que de bonnes choses sur cette photo : du café et du Nutella!

    Je suis accro au café! C'est intéressant de lire un article là-dessus, le thé est siiii à la mode, on en parle beaucoup. Mais pas assez de café!

  5. Miam miam miam! Oui, maintenant que tu le dis, c'est vrai que tout le monde parle de thé, ou bien de Pumpkin Spice Latte cest temps-ci! :P


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