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This week I met fellow blogger Gaby from Gaby's Beauty Blog, as she is doing a road trip in Eastern Canada. This week she was in my area. I knew she was around and we exchanged numbers, but on the day I met her, it was all due to pure luck, as she was in the Tim Hortons I go for brunch with my family on Sundays. She stayed over and we visited the village and it was all good fun! If you want to see pics from her road trip, follow her on Instagram!

Someone else I saw this week was Eugene, the little old guy I like so much! I haven't seen him in a while, I think I haven't seen him at all during summer. Bless him, he even told me I was the most beautiful girl he ever saw!

One good news this week is that I have an interview on Monday for a position in both my area of expertise, Tourism and Communication. Now I don't want to jinx anything so I will only says that for now!

My dad just saved my life, I was doing some sanding on one of my curbside find from the Spring and my hair fell down and got stuck in the inside of the machine. The first thing I thought was to ask my mum to cut the chunk for me, seeing as my dad didn't do anything but when I asked him he pulled the hair out. What a story! Hahaha!

I might going to make some enemies by saying that but I'm kinda glad for Fall. We had a scorching hot summer and I didn't do much outside, as it was just unbearable. I'm going to try to finish a few of my project while the temperature is just perfect!

How is your week?

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  1. Oh my god your hair got stuck in the machine...scary, glad you are ok! Good luck on your interview too x

  2. Good luck for your interview Stephanie. I hope your hair isn't too torn! Xx

  3. I know! It makes for good story telling though! Thanks for your lovely wishes Lisa-Jane! :)

  4. Thanks Carly! It is fine I thought it would be a mess to comb, but it was ok. Some fell though, with the swift pulling! :O


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