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Presteej Montmartre Sacré-Coeur Paris

I skipped SSIL last week and I am sorry for that. Thing is it was not that I wasn't grateful for the week I had, I just left home on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday morning. :P

So yeah, I'm glad I just said yes to accompany a friend of my friend Nissa to one of her friend's birthday party. I know it's complicated, because our common friend (Nissa) wasn't there. I decided to put away my shyness and just go for it. Turned out it was fun. I met loads of people from the north of France (its seems everyone I meet either comes from Picardie or Nord-Pas-de-Calais). Weird thing.

At work I give weekly information session and this week was the first time I did it almost all on my own (I have a colleague with me just in case). The group I gave the presentation to was really motivated, and I really want them to go to Quebec! (I gave info session about how to organise their short-term internship or work project in Quebec).

My roommate has a friend over, Marco, from Italy, just like her. He's really nice and he cooks! So we don't have to cook for a few days because he really enjoys to do it. He also brought from Italy lots of gianduja which is a kind of hazelnut chocolate. My belly couldn't be more happy!

A new store, Action,  just opened right outside work and it is a little bit like a big dolla store! I already love it, I bought for €10 of decor stuff! Things are really cute and cheap, most things are under €2.

Today I went around Montmartre and Pigalle and I discovered this band pictured above, Presteej. I bought their CD because they were just that good. They have a mix of covers and their own songs, and they are real gentlemen! There are a few videos posted on Youtube, and I highly recommend you go watch them!

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