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Yet another post written on a Sunday. But I have a good reason for that! Keep on reading!

On Tuesday my friend Nissa invited me for dinner. It was due to have some time with her over food and stuff, as she is busy with her boutique! We listened to Céline Dion's hits and we sang our hearts out! Sometimes you just need to be sappy!

Then I was a few days without seeing Aurore, and I didn't know I could miss someone so bad! Now she's back at the office and it's fun again :)

I went to Geneva this weekend. Hence the fact I didn't post yesterday, as I was taking the helvetic sights! You can see Christmas is more present there than in Paris, and I visited a few churches. In one of them, the parish ladies were decorating for Advent, and in another one, the ochestra was practicing for a concert. I felt blessed to see these little snippets of real life.

I think it was the first time I was going to a new place all of my own. Lots of people were afraid for me, but I wasn't, come on it's Switzerland! Not the middle of the jungle! I did have a scare though, as an old Bristish man was following me! Turned out he thought I was his girlfriend, and I was relieved when she appeared out of nowhere and he let go of me!

Tomorrow I'm going to see a show with some of my colleagues. We had this plan since the beginning of my stay so I hope it will be good!

Anything I should catch up on?

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  1. hahah so funny the old british man :P Contente que tu te plaise la bas! Ta vraiment l'air à être bien la bas. xx

  2. Lisa-Jane Andrews1 December 2014 at 16:44

    thats funny about the old british man....ha ha. Sounds like you had a nice time apart from that x

  3. Yes, I always seem to have weird stories happenning to me!


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