Etam Beauté Vernis Bikini Woody Alien


For those who doesn't know, Etam is a French lingerie brand, a little bit like Victoria's Secret or La Senza. This Fall, they launched their own beauty line, and of course I bought a little polish to test!

They one that grabbed my fancy is the Woody Alien one, a muted grurple/taupe colour.I would say a purplish version of OPI You don't know Jacques.

It seems that French brands always have that flat and wide brush that I like and makes it easy to apply. I can put my polish on in the morning and not have to clean it because the application is that mess-proof!

Etam Beauté offers many other products, but unfortunately when I bought this I was a little short on time and the store was packed with people, so couldn't really look at the offerings properly.

Etam Vernis Bikini, 3.90 €

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