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Snow Trees

After about a year of looking, I finally purchased a Magic Bullet! I wanted the original one, not the Nutri Bullet, or the Baby Bullet but my local Canadian Tire didn't stock it. Until I saw it last Sunday and it was on sale! So I've been trying it to ground coffee and grate cheese so far! It'll also be useful for smoothies, but it's just too cold in the morning to make one!

On Thursday I went to the hairdresser to chop a bit of my hair. Not a new haircut, but just to refresh my layers and you know the drill, the odd split ends I might had. My mum came with me and it was her first proper haircut since her chemo treatments!

On Friday evening I went out to dine with my friend Linda. Since I'm not  working at the moment it's good to go out a few times and see people.

I had a few occurences this week where I knew who was calling without checking the ID. I'm glad my intuition is coming back!

Also I've finally finished Lolita, which was really boring but because it is a classic I felt like I had to read it. Needless to say I don't recommend! And this is coming from someone who studied literature in University!

What's happening in your life?

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