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A couple of weeks ago, I received those Aveeno Fresh Essentials to try out. Turns out it was during the time my skin decided to be a bi-atch so I unfortunately had to wait to try them correctly. 

My skin has now been back to semi-normal and I was able to put them to good use! 

The Aveeno Fresh Essentials line has been created to "keep what's good for your skin IN- and the bad OUT." That means that the Southernwood and vitamins AC and E helps to replenish and retain moisture to tired skin, as well as forming a barrier to protect from the environment nasties.

I have received the Daily Nourishing Moisturizer*, the Daily Exfoliating Scrub* and the Hydrating Night Cream*.

Aveeno Fresh Essentials: Hydrating Night Cream, Daily Nourishing Moisturizer and Daily Exfoliationg Scrub
All those products are not too greasy, which is something I always look for. Since using them (and after starting my medication) I have not had breakouts, except a few hormonal spots, so this pass the test too!

The Daily Nourishing Moisturizer* comes in a pump, which is the best. I wish they would have put the night cream in a pump as well. The downside being that we cannot see how much product is left. But that is not a deal breaker! On top of that, it has a SPF of 30. I'm bad at applying SPF on the daily, so this is great. I think all day cream now should have some sort of protection.

Texture: Hydrating Night Cream, Daily Nourishing Moisturizer and Daily Exfoliationg Scrub
I have long prefer the big grainy scrubs to those with more finely milled particules. Since my flare up in December, I am not as adamant on this. The Daily Exfoliating Scrub* is on the fine grain side. I'm not sure I would exfoliate everyday though... But this is a gentle scrub.

The Hydrating Night Cream* has been put on the test even when I had the deadly breakout. My doctor didn't say anything about putting products on my skin, and it was so dry that the only thing except my cleanser that I used on it for those few weeks was this cream. The only thing about this one is that it comes in a tub, which I'm not too fond of. I guess it's is easily tell it apart from the Moisturizer.

All of those has a nice scent, which I'm guessing is the Southernwood. I didn't know what it was before the Fresh Essentials line and I've never smell it so I cannot say for sure. One thing though is that the scent might be a little too strong for sensitive noses and skin. Parfum is listed on all three's ingredient list.

Have you tried the Aveeno Fresh Essentials range? What is your favourite line of skincare?

*Contains a press sample

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