Annabelle Spring Launches


Annabelle is a brand that I grew up with. They always have nice colours, the products are great and, it is a Canadian brand!

This month, they release new shades and products for Spring. I am so ready for this, are you? Winter just drags forever and soft and bold colours are more than welcome!

On the cheeky side, there is 5 new shades of the Blushon: Lotus, Rosebud, Peony, Spring Petal and Hibiscus*. I got the latter, which is a nice peach with a subtle-shimmer finish. Some of the shade also has a soft matte finish.

There is also 4 new shades of the Perfect Bronze Bronzing Press Powder : Sun Shine, Sun Breeze* (pictured), Sun Heat and Sun Chic. 

But the most exciting release (at least to me!) are the new Lipsies! The Lipsies already came as a limited edition treat, but now they are back, in twelve shades. I love a good lip crayon, and while Annabelle already got a line of lipstick crayons, the TwistUps (here and here), the Lipsies are tinted lip balm, a little like the Maybelline Baby Lips. 

Buttery-feeling and yet lightweight, the bright colours of Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balm are surprisingly pigmented. The lighter colours will leave a subtle, glossy finish while moisturizing the lips and leaving them smooth.

Each has a matching scent, which is a nice touch. Pictured are Coco-Vanilla* and Fruit Punch*. I prefer the scent of the first one! As for colour, I prefer Fruit Punch, as Coco-Vanilla is almost not noticeable on my dark lips. I like how they apply, even if the colour is bold (Fruit Punch), you can almost put it without a mirror. As for Coco-Vanilla, well, there is no chance of making a mess, with a nude colour like this!

Have you tried any of the Annabelle Spring releases? What is your favourite Annabelle products? Comment below!

*Contains a press sample 

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews3 March 2015 at 16:44

    Those Lipsies look lovely I especially like the peachy looking one x


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