February Empties


TRESemmé Climate Protection Shampoo: This was a good shampoo, but someone diluted it here and since then, it has not been the same. The bottle is huge and even though it's a good quality price thing, I'd rather have smaller bottles, as I get tired quickly.

Collin Body Hydrating Cream: My mum used most of it, but I finished it so it goes in this post! It was a nice light body cream.

Suave Candy Apple Luscious Body Wash: Same thing here. This bottle laste me 1 year! (Granted I use other soap and wash on the side). The scent was fun, but the product might be drying for certain skin type.

Bio-Oil: Another product that both my mum and I used. I used it on my acne scars. It's not too bad, but I prefer my Pai Rosehip Oil. Granted it's more expensive, but it's more efficient and natural!

Kim Kardashian Perfume: I received this in a box and although it is not the kind of scent I'm drawn to (too spicy) I grew to  like it. My father also liked it, and he's a perfume aficionado!

This brings the total to 11 empties, which is great because that's the amount of products I bought this month.

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