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Happy Spring!

It was still a tough week, but lots of nice things to balance as well. Which is better than most weeks lately!

On Sunday, the French version of CBC, which is the national tv channel, was airing the movie La Grande Seduction, which is translated as Seducing Dr. Lewis. I watch it when it first came out about 10 years ago and liked it a lot; it's so funny and the scenery is breathtaking! The English Canadians (for lack of a better word) adapted it as The Grand Seduction. I haven't seen it so cannot compare...

On Tuesday I was having a hard day and had a heart to heart with my dad. It's hard that I open up to him like that, as he doesn't talk about feelings but this happens about once a year.

Still on Tuesday, I was looking like a wreck and had to pop to the grocery store. To be honest I didn't put the effort to refresh and went anyway, as I was in a hurry. Well a cute guy eyed me up. And this is something rare here as there isn't a lot of guys my age. 

Yesterday the sun was shining and the weather was good. The snow had melted from the sidewalk so I was able to walk properly for a good hour or so. Sometime soon I'll be able to take up my walking habits!

Today I got my nose re-pierced! I was thinking about for a few years and now it's done. It hurt less than the first time.

What's going on for you? Are you excited for Spring?

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  1. haha oui j'avoue il ne doit pas avoir beaucoup de gars dans ton bout! xx

  2. Crime tu dis! Meme au Pub les soirs du CH ya juste des filles, les seuls gars ont toutes une fille accrochée apres eux pour signaler leur territoire hahaha!

  3. Lisa-Jane Andrews23 March 2015 at 15:21

    aww thats sweet that you can talk to your dad. x


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