Mini Sephora Haul


And you'd think I'd go to the big cities without shopping at Sephora?!

I mainly went for the Naked 3 palette, which was sold out. But, you know how it is. It is pretty hard to set foot in Sephora without buying! Especially for me, who lives far away from the store!

First thing that caught my eyes was the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain + Shine in Pink Escape. Well it's not true, but the other lip products I tried before that one were not great on me so they were not keepers. On one side, you have a felt tipped stain, on the other a gloss. Which you can wear alon or combined. I have to say that when combined, the staying power is greater!
 Then I remembered how much everyone is raving about the Tarte Clay Blushes. But I was not impressed by their shades. However, not too far from it, the Stila Convertible Color were more my thing. Petunia found its way into my caddy! It doesn't have a particular scent, not a good one, not a bad one.

The splurging happened at the cash wrap. I'm not usually one for "impulse buys", but I also remembered I wanted to try the sample size of the infamous GlamGlow Youtmudd Treatment. And then the Nails Inc Spring Summer Gel Effect Collection screamed: "Take me!". Which, of course, I did. You can read about it here.

Last thing I got was the Sephora Lip Glitters Retractable Pencil in Glittering Pink. There was only one left and my friend Mel told me: "It's so you" so I took it! Do not let the name detter you though. It is not chunky glittery-5 years-old-attire. The glitters are there, yet subtle enough. It makes for a pigmented gloss/lipstick. It smells fruity, which I really like, but it might be too "artificial" for certain people.

Top: Stila Petunia. Left to right: Sephora Glittery Pink, Josie Maran Pink Escape felt, same topped with its gloss
Have you purchased anything at Sephora recently? Should I get the Naked 3?

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