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So things have been looking up this week! Yay!

My job search is more clear now. I have applied on a few positions that I'm all interested in. Sometimes lately I was applying half-assedly, all in the name of EA. But now I'm seeing better opportunities, so there's bound to be one my way!

Speaking of employment, here's what my monthly career horscope is telling me: "An exciting career opportunity will arrive in the days surrounding March 20." I have an interview on the 17, so I hope it's telling the truth hehe! ;)

Last week, Bergeron opened for its Spring/Summer season. Bergeron is a local greasy spoon, and everybody goes there to eat poutine! So I had my first Bergeron poutine of the year this week.

Tulips! They are now back in grocery stores, so I got myself some. I like the white ones, they mean Spring!

Today at the charity shop I found the exact throw I've been wanting for a while! It is a black, white and pink hand knitted chevron one. I remember my grandma having a pink and gray one she knitted when I was a child and I've been wanting one for a few years. I'm so glad the colour combo is sooo me!

Is the sun shining in your corner of the world? Excited for Spring? Any plans for Mother's Day if you're British?

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  1. Geneviève Bouchard15 March 2015 at 16:20

    I had good hopes for spring this week, but in Montréal it was snowing this morning, I just hope it will melt as fast as possible!

    Also, that poutine looks good, it really makes me want to eat some right now!

  2. Gosh the sky was grey all day here too but no snow yet! It's always like this at St-Paddy's!

    Oh yes, it was good! But if you're in Mtl then you can have La Banquise anytime ;)

  3. J'ai le goût de manger une poutine, POURQUOI T'AS MIS ÇA?!? ;_; loll
    Bonne chance pour trouver un emploi, ça va super bien aller, j'en suis sûre!

  4. Parce que c'est bon, bon! :P Merci pour tes encouragements, Véronique! :)

  5. Lovely to hear lots of positivity, and that poutine looks amazing, so tasty!

  6. Thank you Ellie! My Saturday posts are kind of my weekly gratitude :) Oh yes, it was yummy!


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