March Empties


I'm proud of myself this month! It started out not too bad, but then around mid-month I decided to sprint and finish a little more that the last few months. And I finished 16 things! Yay!

White Barn Watermelon Lemonade: I bought this one last Spring, but it seems to be back this year. I like how it smells when it is not ligthed, but when it burns, after a while, it's not as good. I think the wax was very poor quality on this one, for this reason, but also because it is really sooty. Is it me or BBW candles are not what they used to be?

BBW Bourbon Butterscotch: Another BBW candle. This one was not too bad, but it is really sweet! I think maybe the smaller candles are better now? Not sure, it seems to be hit and miss at BBW!

Butter London Ruby Murray Moisture Matte Lipstick: This was a creamy matte. A deep red, I would be tempted to try the other colours though.

So Me Body Hair Removal Cream: I got this for about 2euros when I was in Paris and it is the best hair removal cream I've tried. 

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Extract: I really like Klorane Dry Shampoos. Well, the regular version at least. It was the first time I tried the one for oily hair, but I was not impressed. Will stick to the original version next time.

Nivea invisible for Black & White: Not all Nivea deodorants were created equals. For the most parts, they're good though. This one is too, and it has a fresh scent. Again, I bought this one in France, and I think we don't have them in sprays here. I'm not a fan of sprays, not good for the environments, but then I didn't want a roll-on one.

Aesop Purifying Cream Cleanser: This product is good, but the smell is so awful! I think it smelled like tequila or some alcohol like that, but I'm not sure. When I smell the sachet now, it only smells like clay and lavender, because of course alcohol tends to evaporates quickly so the smell is gone.

Marcelle Eye Makeup Remover Cloths: I forgot I had those! I'm not a wipe girl, so this was pushed at the back of the cupboard. They are ok, the siez is just perfect for the eyes. But I rather remove my eye makeup with The Body Shop Cleansing Oil.

What about the product you finished recently? Anything to pass? Or. better still, so good ones?

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