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What a week!

On Tuesday I went to Gaspé for an interview. My parents and I decided to make a day trip out of it and it was nice. I had a Gadix, which was a chocolat mousse cake at the Café des Artistes, and it was so yummy!

In the evening I went to give blood.  Every time there is a collect in my village I always seem to work during it, but because I'm not working, I was able to go. It feels good to be able to do such a good deed.

On Wednesday I had a telephone interview for another job in another city and it went well. I would really like to have this one, so fingers crossed!

Also this week I was called back to get back to work part time at the store I used to work. So decidedly, it is all or nothing!

Today I saw two seals in the sea while we were driving! Just two heads out of the water, but they were so close to the shore!

How was your week? Have you ever given blood?

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews20 April 2015 at 14:43

    My week was ok thanks. I have never given blood but I have to have regular blood tests because I suffer with hypothydroidism so am used to having blood taken so I think I woudl be ok with it. ONly thing with me is I have low iron so not sure if I can. Good on you for doing this though :) Did you hear back from the telephone interview? x

  2. Hey! I know, I was once turned back because of low iron. I haven't heard back from the phone interview yet.


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