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Another week with ups and downs. Seriously, I can't wait for some sunshine, the weather here is just so depressing! Snow, rain and more snow!

I started to work again this week! A good thing, so I'm feeling useful. Especially with this weather, as I cannot work on my painting and restoration project yet.

I got my hair cut on Thursday! And I also dyed it. I'm not really fond of the colour though, I will have to work on that, but I like the haircut! Such a change from my long hair, but I don't regret it, even though I liked my long hair.

Yesterday my mum and I went to a zumbathon that a local hairdresser organized to raise funds for charity. It was fun and I sweat a lot! Nobody wanted to come with me. That's typical, there's not a lot going on an then when the're something nobody wants to to it. Really this gets me down. Then my mum decided she's come, and she was so into it, I told here I knew she's love it!

That's about it. This week is probably going to be a hard one as we'll have to put our dog to sleep. He has arthritis, and can barely walk anymore, and just sleeps all day. I just keep on praying one day before we make the call that I'll wake up and he'll be his normal self, but chances are slim.

Hope you are having a better time, sorry for the last bit, I don't want to bring down anybody but Félix is just such a good dog and I'll miss him so bad.

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