Spring Winners Haul


I've changed my schedule a little bit today as I already filmed this a week ago! Life is so hectic right now, I've just started a full time job on top of my part time one, and I just haven't done 2 things at the same time like that since 2009, when I was at school and had a job. But it's going well, I just didn't have proper time to sit down to edit and upload before yesterday!

Anyway! Here are two videos, one in English and one in French of my latest Winners buys. Hope you enjoy!



Laissez-moi savoir si vous voulez que je continue les vidéos en français! ;)

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  1. Anglais je comprends, mais français c'est toujours mieux (pour moi haha!)

  2. Ok! C'est noté! J'ai hate de pouvoir revenir à la normale coté blog!


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