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I was late on the Netflix bandwagon. I knew I liked the concept, I knew I would waste a lot of time on it, and postpone until my friend Mel asked me if I could share her account with her. So I guess it was time for me to jump on it.

Besides the obvious Friends, Pretty Little Liars and HIMYM, what can you find on my Netflix list?

Religious documentary: I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with cults and Christianity. A few docs that I've watched in that category were Jesus Camp, where children go to a Summer camp and learn to preach to other people, Waiting for Armageddon (I don't recall much about that one I'm afraid) and American Jesus. This one is a collection of different ways Christians have to show their faith in Jesus be it Bikers, Shoppers or Surfers.

Crime Series: I love detective stories, and it is no surprise that you will find Agatha Christie's Poirot on my Netflix. I have already watch most of them before joining Netflix, but I never tire of watching them again. I got really hooked on How To Get Away With Murder last Fall, but unfortunately Season 2 is not yet on. It relates the story of a bunch of Law students who will do anything to impress their teacher, and even maybe commit a murder! I also got The Killing, since I've already watch the original Danish version. I'm not getting into the American version as much though. 

Crime Docs: I'm in the middle of watching Killer Legends, about the real murders that inspired American urban legends. I've also started Making a Murderer, about a wrongly accused prisoner, but I'm not inspired as most seems to be.

Girly Stuff: I haven't watch all the Gilmore Girls episodes when I was a teenager, but I do remember watching it from time to time. I got it in my list, so I can catch up on the show, see the first few episodes that get us into the characters. I vaguely remember Melissa McCarthy in it, and I love the actress so much, I have to get to it. Speaking of McCarthy, I got Bridesmaids in my List, and I just love the few minutes where you see her with all those Lab puppies in the car! The Mindy Project, because single Mindy is so relatable in her quest for a boyfriend.

A few series I would like to see on Netflix:

Dawson's Creek
Sweet Valley (never watched it, that's why I'm drawn to it)
90210 (the original one)
The Inbetweeners (the show, not the movies)
Mensonges (a Quebec TV show that used to be on Netflix, so I've heard)

Overall, I like the service, but I have a few problems with Netflix though:
  • It seems that the Canadian Netflix doesn't have all the shows some countries have. 
  • I thought, that since it was the Canadian version, I would be able to watch some shows in French, so that I could watch with my mum. It seems there aren't a ton of shows in French, and those that are are subtitled.
  • Sometimes I add things in my List, and then when look, it's not there anymore.
What are your thoughts on Netflix? What do you watch on it? Do you have the same problems I have (esp. the List one)?

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  1. I don't actually have Netflix, but a lot of the shows you mentioned are favourites of mine too! Hercule Poirot is such a classic, and I enjoyed How To Get Away With Murder too. I'm pretty excited for the new Gilmore Girls episodes! xxx

  2. Lisa-Jane Andrews25 March 2016 at 10:12

    Love Bridesmaids x

  3. Great! We have that in common then! :)

  4. The Australian netflix is so behind on almost everything! I'm currently hooked to the 100, maybe try and give that go? It takes like an episode or two to get really into it :)

    Maz | |

  5. I kinda left Netflix in the last few weeks and I just saw that the new episodes of Homeland. I'll have to check out 100! Thanks for the recommendation!


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